Library Name Number of Compounds Number of Plates ICCB-L Plate Numbers
BU-CMD 2017 2,457 7 3762-3768
Gray Kinase Inhibitors 187 1 2043
LDDN-CNS 320 1 3760
LINCS1 - Kinase Inhibitors 88 (x4) 1 3265

LINCS2 - Kinase Inhibitors

88 (x4) 1 3295

LINCS3 -Chromatin Targeting

41 (x4) 1 3426

LINCS4 - Kinase Inhibitors

169 (x4) 3 3672-3674
Human Microbiota Extracts 1 302 1 3576
Human Microbiota Extracts 2 160 1 3761

If you have screened a library at ICCB-L that you cannot find on this list, please check the retired libraries list. 

The GSK Kinase Inhibitor Library is now available through the University of North Carolina as the UNC SGC Published Kinase Inhibitor Set. If you're interested in screening the UNC library, follow the instructions on the linked pages to get access. Here is a link to the required MTA  to be filled out by each investigator interested in screening the library.  You are welcome to contact ICCB-L staff to discuss the logistics of screening this library.