Longwood Resources

Staying near the Longwood Medical Area (LMA)

The following hotels and inns are within walking distance of the screening facility: 

Other Short Term Accomodations near Longwood

Please be advised that these lists are provided simply as a convenience to visitors; we do not officially endorse these establishments. Arrangements are made independently between the establishment and the visitor. 

Dining out in Longwood Area

In addition to the school and hospiatal cafeteria's, a few of the restaurant options are listed below. 

Getting around Boston

  • The MBTA is the Boston area mass transit system. The D and E green lines are closest to the Longwood Medical Area and there are several bus lines that offer convenient travel around the city.  
  • Bluebikes is a bike rental option to get around the city for just a few dollars a day. There are several convenient stations in the Longwood Medical Area.  
  • Zipcar is another option if you are traveling beyond the city or to get out and explore the greater New England area.