Other Screening Relevant Technology

TTP Arktic Tube Storage System

The TTP Arktic is an automated tube storage system that stores samples in a dry environment at -20⁰ C. It is capable of storing just under 100,000 tubes and can automatically scan barcodes, store and retrieve tubes from a 96-well rack.  

Integration of Agilent BenchCel, PlateLoc and V-Code

Integration of the Agilent Bench Cel, Plate Loc and V Code

The Agilent integrated system allows for complete automation of plates to be sealed and bar coded in a relatively small footprint to help conserve bench top space.

  • The BenchCel is a high-speed plate shuttle with two 50 plate capacity stacks that delivers plates to the Plate Loc and the VCode. 
  • The Plate Loc is a thermal plate sealer that applies pealable seals to each microplate.
  • The VCode is a bar code label system that prints and applies the label.
  • Allows for versatility with many types of microplates