Screening Facility

The ICCB-Longwood Investigator Initiated Screening Program assists academic researchers in carrying out high-throughput screens of chemical and RNAi libraries to identify new tools for biological research.

The ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility operates at biosafety level 2 and is built around modular work stations. Assays are generally carried out in 384-well microplates. The ICCB-Longwood compound collection is continuously growing; over 500,000 compounds are currently available for screening. Whole human and mouse genome siRNA libraries, lncRNA siRNA libraries, as well as miRNA mimic and inhibitor libraries, are also available for screening. These libraries can be screened at the genome level, in focused subsets, or with a custom-picked RNAi reagents.

The facility employs a staff-assisted screening model. Investigators using the facility are provided with access to compound and RNAi libraries, training in the use of most equipment, as well as advice and guidance throughout the screening process. Complex automation tasks are performed by ICCB-Longwood staff.

Most equipment is also available for use by non-screening investigators.