Aliquot Request

Please note that this form is to be completed only by individuals approved by the Laboratory for Systems Pharmacology or ICCB-L to request compounds from ICCB-L.  

Prior to requesting a compound, please check Reagent Tracker to determine if aliquots are available and ensure correct HMSL # and name are used in the request.

The standard aliquot supplied with this request is 30uL of a 10mM solution (usually in DMSO). If you need a larger volume aliquot, please write a comment for the particular compound request.

This form supports requests for up to 10 compounds. If you have more than 10 compounds to request, you can either fill out multiple request forms via this page, or you can email with an excel spreadsheet containing the relevant fields specified in the form below (as column headings).

Please ensure compound name and HMSL # are included for each compound.

A copy of your completed compound request will be sent automatically to the email address that you provide below.