CyBio Vario

The CyBio CyBi-Well Vario system is a high accuracy liquid handling device. 


  • Interchangeable 96 and 384-channel pipette heads.
  • Accurately pipette volumes between 1 uL to 225 uL using disposable pipette tips.
  • Pipettor requires a volume as low as 5 mL to cover the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Equipped with two stacker systems that allow for unattended use.


SGM 611

  • Uses PocketTips to transfer small volume of compounds from cherry pick plate into assay plate.
  • Allow transfers of 50 nL or 250 nL from 1.5 uL of the cherry pick sample in DMSO.
  • Protocol requires that cherry pick samples are in AB1056 microplates in volumes 0.6-2 uL per well.
  • Plates should be spun down in a centrifuge at 1000 rpm for 1 minute immediately prior to use.
  • Destination assay plates should contain 30 uL of media or assay buffer.
  • Separate PocketTip used for each replicate.
  • PocketTips are recharged per tip used.
  • Re-racking of tips is done by the investigator to save on tips used and cost.

PocketTip Workflow is a visual guide on how the tips work for assay replication.