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5/26/16 – We are experiencing a delay in receiving online form requests. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this issue. In the meantime, please let the screening staff know by phone (617-432-5815) or email (iccb_screen”at” of any requests that you think might be delayed.

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ICCB-Longwood Investigator Initiated Screening

ICCB-Longwood is located at Harvard Medical School, 250 Longwood Avenue, Seeley Mudd Room 604, Boston MA 02115. For maps and directions, please click here.

The ICCB-Longwood Investigator Initiated Screening Program assists academic researchers in carrying out high-throughput screens of chemical and RNAi libraries to identify new tools for biological research. The ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility is built around modular work stations, and assays are generally carried out in 384-well plates. The ICCB-Longwood compound collection is continuously growing, and over 500,000 compounds are currently available for screening. Whole human and mouse genome siRNA libraries, lncRNA siRNA libraries, as well as miRNA mimic and inhibitor libraries, are also available for screening.  These libraries can be screened at the genome level, in focused subsets, or with a custom picked set of siRNAs.  The facility employs a staff-assisted screening model, in which investigators using the facility are provided with access to compound and siRNA libraries, and training in the use of some instruments, such as liquid handling equipment, plate readers, and screening microscopes. Staff members run all complex automation for screens.


The Screening Process