Retired RNAi Libraries

The libraries listed below have been retired from active screening. Those listed in italics were retired more than 5 years ago and therefore the name and ICCB-L plate numbers are listed here for reference. If you require additional information on any of the retired libraries at ICCB-L, please check Screensaver or contact Jennifer Smith

ICCB-L plate numbers in ( ) after the library name

Retired RNAi Libraries: 

Invitrogen Human 1 - Stealth Kinases and Phosphatases (50,611-50,621)
Invitrogen Human 2 - Stealth Remaining Druggable Genome (50,622-50,641)
Invitrogen Human 3 - QC Supplemental (51,082)
Mitchison Kinase 1 (50,091-50,092)