ChemBridge 2020

This collection was purchased through funding from Harvard Medical School's Foundry Initiative. This custom library was assembled in consultation with HMS Translator and made available for screening in May 2021. These compounds were specifically chosen by Dr. Paul Charifson (HMS Translator) to provide a screening set with a balance between diversity and clusters with favorable physico-chemical properties that can serve as the foundation for lead optimization efforts. 

Number of Compounds 50,000
Plate Numbers 3967-4109 (143 Plates)
Concentration Information 10mM in DMSO

384-Well Plate Formats

Ordering Compounds from ChemBridge:

ChemBridge Corp.
11199 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 206
San Diego, CA, 92121

Ordering Options

To order ChemBridge compounds: 

Order online using a purchase order number or a credit card using ChemBridge’s site. Online orders for screening compounds receive discounted online pricing. Users placing orders online also have access to RUSH samples (1mg or 5mg pre-weighed vials) stored in ChemBridge’s San Diego RUSH stock and available for delivery within 24 to 48 hours after placing an order. See additional information below on using to place online orders.

Order by contacting ChemBridge Customer Support – see contact information below:

Phone: 800-964-6143, Press 4

Hit2Lead Instructions

Placing order online using ChemBridge’s Online Store:

Access the site by going directly to or by going to and clicking on the Online Store image. supports searches of ChemBridge stock based on chemical structure, ChemBridge ID number, or compound name. The structure-based search function uses Java-based applets that automatically download (Marvin sketcher from ChemAxon or JDraw sketcher from Accelrys).

Searches can be run without an account. Account registration is required when you are ready to place an order.

To search by structure (exact match or substructure), select Structure Search, then select Marvin or JDraw and then double-click on the “Structure Field” blank box to launch the sketcher.

Enter the structure of the compound you wish to query and then on the main Search page select whether you want to perform an exact match or Substructure Search, Exact Match, or Similarity Search. Click the Search button at the bottom of the page to launch the search.

For each desired compound, select an amount and add to basket. Some compounds (1 mg or 5 mg amounts) can be shipped RUSH in 24-48 hours, with an extra charge (pre-weighed 1mg or 5mg RUSH vials are indicated by the word “Rush” after the amount).

RUSH samples will ship from San Diego stock within 24-48 hours; standard samples will ship from ChemBridge’s Moscow facility and arrive within 2 weeks. NOTE: resupply of 100% of the compounds is not guaranteed due to availability and difficulty of re-synthesis. Generally, 75% are available for re-order.

To search by compound number, click “Search by ID”. The ChemBridge ID number of each compound can be found in the “Object Name” field in the SARgen search report. Place the digit “5″ before this number when ordering from For example, if the object name of the Chembridge compound is ****** in ActivityBase/SARgen, then enter 5****** in the “ID” box in the “Search by ID” page.

Once all compounds have been placed in the basket, proceed to order your basket, and confirm the order information. Click on “proceed” and then “proceed to order” to open the billing screen. This screen summarizes the order cost including shipping and applicable taxes. Use this information to obtain a Purchase Order number from the financial office in your lab or department. A PO number is required to process the order. You can quickly retrieve your saved basket, add the PO number, and complete the order.

To request a quotation for re-synthesis of a compound, contact ChemBridge Customer Support at