Single Cell Core (SCC) Research Application

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Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis.

Single Cell Core Disclaimer (read before submitting form)

The SCC provides the service of making single cell droplets of a user provided suspension of cells. Cell suspensions may be brought over on ice or users may use our tissue culture room to prepare their samples the day of the experiment. The SCC will perform library prep on the cell droplets and deliver final libraries along with a custom sequencing primer to the User.

Users are expected to perform their own sequencing and analysis on the libraries. Sequencing Instructions are provided detailing the required sequencing parameters. These instructions should be given to your core of choice when sequencing single cell libraries. At this time, we do not provide bioinformatic support. We provide a Single Cell Bioinformatics introduction sheet and will provide the Python scripts upon request. We suggest you contact the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core where data scientists have experience.

The SCC may request to see your data in order to assess the quality of the library prep. Your data will not be shared without your permission.

By completing and submitting this form I understand that as a condition of working with the SCC you are required to submit a detailed procedure for your sample preparation method before the day of your inDrop experiment that may be shared with future SCC users. The SCC will not share any other details of your project or data with other labs without your permission.