ICCB-L Research Re-Entry During COVID-19 Pandemic


Our goal is to accommodate all ICCB-L users in a physically distanced, safe and respectful manner! We ask for your patience as we work to adapt practices and adjust space to simultaneously accommodate as many users as possible. We also ask that each of you please be a responsible, considerate and mindful member of the ICCB-L Community at this time.

The guidelines established as part of the Harvard Research Laboratory Re-Entry Plan as well as the HMS Community Guidance and Policies are in effect at ICCB-L.

By entering ICCB-L, you acknowledge that you have completed the Harvard Lab COVID-19 Awareness Training or your institution’s equivalent. You have also completed the Crimson Clear assessment (or your institution’s equivalent) today and passed.

General safety practices to keep in mind:

Masks must be worn at all times. It is your responsibility to provide your own mask; ICCB-L will not provide one to you.

Keep > 6 ft away from other users within ICCB-L. If needed, please respectfully communicate with another user so that you can access the instrument you have reserved.

Respect posted signs.

ICCB-L is continuing to operate on a two-glove policy, including computer keyboards.

It is your responsibility to clean work surfaces and instruments before and after each use. Bleach wipes are available for high touch surfaces. There are 70% EtOH spray bottles and C-fold paper towels in each bay. Please use this for wiping down surfaces before and after your session.

ICCB-L is a BSL2 laboratory. While nitrile gloves will continue to be available, you need to bring your own lab coat to wear while working within ICCB-L. The general use lab coats and safety glasses are not available at this time.

It is expected you are accessing ICCB-L during your designated shift time.

It is our understanding there will be three points of access to HMS. If cleared by HMS Security, ICCB-L users will be able to access ICCB-L through the joint TMEC/Building C entrance, go to the 6th floor of Building C and then connect to ICCB-L in SGM. Trained academic users will be able to access ICCB-L at the start of Phase 2 (Friday, June 12th 2020).

Changes have been implemented at ICCB-L to ensure a physically-distanced, safe research environment. These include:

Some instruments are not available for use at this time (Hood 2 in SGM611, Hood 2 in SGM612, Benchtop Combi 2 in SGM612, BioTek 405 TS platewasher in SGM612).

As a consequence of their close physical proximity, EnVision 3 and Benchtop Combi 1 in SGM 612 are reserved as a pair.

Experiments should be prepared as much as possible in your own lab prior to transitioning to ICCB-L. Minimal/no bench space is available for assay preparation.

Automation should be utilized whenever possible. This is expected for the following instruments: IXM-C; IXM-C LZR; Acumen; iQue; EnVision plate readers (when quantitating multiple plates).

Users should only be at a qPCR instrument to set up their run and at its completion. They should be in their own laboratory for the duration of the reserved instrument time. When using the QuantStudio7 Pro, please set up the assay remotely prior to your scheduled appointment time at ICCB-L.

All analysis workstations should be accessed remotely via VPN.

Notifications on the PPMS calendars have been updated. Please read and pay attention to these.

Lack of compliance will result in your access to ICCB-L being revoked, as well as your PI and appointing department being notified.

Please send any questions or concerns to Jen Smith, ICCB-L Director and COVID-19 safety officer.