HP D300e

The Hewlett Packard D300e is a digital, non-contact dispenser that is particularly well suited for titration and combinatorial experiments. This dispenser can accomodate 96- and 384-well deep well plates as well as the standard and low volume plates. 


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  • Compatible with 6-, 12-, 24-, 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates.
  • Uses proprietary cassettes. 
  • Rapidly dispenses volumes from 13 pL to 10 uL to any individual well in either prefilled or unfilled plates.
  • User-friendly software enables users quickly to design single- or multi-zone titrations, cross-titration of two or more substances, and randomized plate layouts.
  • Backfill option is available to adjust the solvent concentration automatically to a specified level across all wells.
  • Very low dead volume.


SGM 612

The standard ICCB-L cherry pick volume (1.5 uL per compound) can easily be used with the D300. We strongly recommend screeners consider using this dispenser because it enables investigator to establish initial EC50 or IC50 values at the cherry pick stage. This information can be extremely informative for prioritizing screening positives for further analysis.



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HP D300 Cassettes Hewlett Packard T8+ up to 8 fluids per cassette for non-contact dispensing in DMSO or aqueous solution, 11 pL-10 uL
Hewlett Packard D4+ up ot 4 fluids for non-contact DMSO and surfactant normalization