Bio-Image Analysis Course

A Course on Bio-Image Analysis Using Matlab

Course description follows:
The Image and Data Analysis Core and the Nikon Imaging Center at HMS invite you to apply for a week-long introductory, hands-on course/workshop on biological image analysis using Matlab.

The course is divided in 3 sessions:

  • Monday, Sep 18, 1-3pm: overview of image processing/analysis basics that should be useful to most projects
  • Wednesday, Sep 20, 1-5pm: students work on their projects while instructors are available to help
  • Friday, Sep 22, 1-4pm, presentation and discussion of students' projects.

Familiarity with basic Matlab scripting is required (e.g., write for/if/switch/while statements, manipulate arrays/matrices, plot data, write functions).

As a guideline, here are some examples of projects that fit the scope of the course:

  • segmenting nuclei/cells, and measure their geometric properties (e.g. area, eccentricity)
  • detecting and counting spots for all images in a folder; write results on tables
  • detecting filaments (e.g. neurites); measure total length
  • developing a graphical user interface to test thresholds in real-time
  • segmenting an object from background using machine learning techniques

Prospective students should submit an online application [ ] by 12pm on Fri Sep 8. Students who are accepted into the course will be notified by Wed Sept 13.