HMS Analytical Chemistry Core

Located at 250 Longwood Ave; SGM Building Room 636

There is an Agilent 6530 QTOF LCMS and an Agilent 6130 Single Quad LCMS available for use by investigators who can operate them independently, running their own samples and interpreting the results. For access to the facility and to request training on either instrument, please submit an Application.

LCMS & QTOF Training Application

A fee will be charged for use of the analytical chemistry core instruments. These fees will help recover a portion of the costs associated with the maintenance of the instruments; operation of the Core is also partly supported by the HMS TNT Committee. The HMS BCMP Department will invoice users on a regular (quarterly) basis. A flat fee of $125 will be charged for training on either instrument. This covers a training session of up to one hour; if additional training is necessary, it will be billed at the hourly rate for the appropriate instrument.

QTOF Mass Spectrometer

Agilent 6530 QTOF Mass Spectrometer with 1290 Infinity Binary LC (Mass accuracy 1 ppm with internal calibrant).

The fee for HMS Quad investigators is $40/hour

Single Quad Mass Spectrometer

Agilent 6130 Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with 1260 LC

The fee for HMS Quad investigators is $20/hour

Facility Rules

  1. These instruments are intended only for analysis of small molecules derived from synthetic reactions or natural product extracts.
  2. New users must complete the online Application form. All users of the facility must be trained by Thomas Wyche or an Agilent application specialist. Your ID will not be activated to the facility until your training has been completed.
  3. All users must go through the Lab Specific Safety Checklist with Tom Wyche and sign the form before their ID can be activated for the room.
  4. Users must provide their own column, which is dedicated to LCMS use.
  5. LCMS solvents are supplied and located in the flammable cabinet. Please return solvent bottles to the flammable cabinet after use.
  6. Use only LCMS grade solvents on both instruments.
  7. Do not inject samples containing high salt or high detergent, or samples dissolved in DMSO.
  8. Do not modify the parameters for the mass spectrometer without consulting Tom Wyche.
  9. Check the liquid nitrogen tanks, if you replace a tank with a backup, please notify Katrina or Tom to ensure a replacement is ordered.


Once you have been trained on an instrument and completed the lab safety checklist, an account for scheduling time on the instrument will be created for you in PPMS. Sign up for time using PPMS online scheduling system.

Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM:  Maximum 3 hours
Overnight 5 PM – 8 AM: No limit

Saturday-Sunday: 8 AM-5 PM: Maximum 5 hours
Overnight 5 PM – 8 AM: No limit

Please be considerate of your fellow users. Only sign up for as much time as you need, be punctual, and clean up when you are done.

Contact Information

For instrument access and approval requests: (Operations Coordinator)

For instrument training and specific usage questions: (Instrument Specialist)