Molecular Libraries Program, MLP-11

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Number of compounds 26,330
Plate Numbers 3307-3383 (77 Plates)
Concentration Information 10 mM in DMSO
Plate Format

384-well plate
Note: The platemap for this library differs from that of MLP 1-10

Plates 3307-3383:

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Please note that some plates may contain additional empty wells. Please refer to Screensaver for full plate mapping information.

The Molecular Libraries Program (MLP) collection contains > 300,000 known bioactive, natural product, and commercial compounds assembled by the NIH Molecular Libraries Initiative.

A detailed description of the MLP collection and the algorithm used to select it is available online here. Funds for the acquisition of this collection were provided by the New England Regional Center for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Disease (NERCE) in 2010.

An agreement must be signed in order to screen this collection. Please note that the ICCB-L is not an MLPCN Center and that access to this collection at this screening facility is governed by an administrative process that is completely distinct from the MLPCN. Normal ICCB-L screening fees apply.

For more information about screening this collection, please contact Jennifer Smith (jennifer_smith”AT”